Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It's been awhile since any actual posts have been published, but never fear, it is but for an excellent reason!

- I have been working on a Michael J. Fox series of posts that will begin on June 1st, highlighting five of my personal favorite movies and television shows of his. Why June? Well, you see, MJF will be celebrating another birthday, so I thought it would be fit to hold a little shindig here on the site celebrating my idol.

Simply Amazing. MJF vs. Larry David (courtesy of / HBO)

And, just so you guys know, not a single damn post will be about Back to the Future. That beast of a trilogy deserves its own month (I love foreshadowing).

- Next up, I have a pretty significant announcement: my friend Nick and I are currently working on a podcast tentatively titled, "The Waxing Nostalgiacast." If any of you have suggestions for a better title, I'm all ears; you can send podcast title suggestions to me on Twitter

The podcast will cover various topics, from topics of nostalgic value, to those of a more modern appeal. We both love retro gaming, so there will be a ton of that on our podcast. It'll be a very non-stiff atmosphere, so expect an occasional swear word or two... they just slip out, ya know? We'll try to keep them to a minimum though.

- The next topic is pertaining to the lack of Nostalgic Blu-ray Releases posts, as I'm getting a few emails asking if they are going to be coming back to the site. The short answer is yes. They will be making a more consistent presence on the site starting next week!

- And finally the last topic is regarding the slowdown in the number of Chasing Perfection Season 2 videos. I've been asked on numerous occasions as to when people can expect a return of the series, and the answer to that is... whenever I can figure out why my exports are screwing up on me. I have the next one ready to go, but I am just trying to figure out some kinks to help give you all a better Tecmo Super Bowl experience.

I think that just about covers everything that is coming out for the site in the near future, but I also just want to mention that I am going to be making a return to "The Castle," otherwise known as I know it's been awhile since I last posted on the site, but I'm still close with the higher-ups on the site,  Eric (@Nintendo_Legend) and Andrew (@ArcadeErrorWin). To be honest about the situation, I just got burned out on the series, especially because of the details that I tend to overdo when I write my Character RETROspects. I am going to try to cut down on the boring aspects of them, and I'm going to try to make them more of a fun read, whilst still keeping some of traditional details contained within the older ones. I refuse to leave my article series in a state of limbo, and I owe it to all of you that have come to know me through my work on to continue collaborating with the site.

Be prepared for lots of exciting things!