Monday, February 25, 2013

The Greatest GoldenEye Medley... EVER!

Being an article contributor on definitely has its perks, as I am networked with some of the greatest talent out there in the retro gaming community. One bright and shining example of the talent that is on comes not from one individual, but rather a freakin' band that has its own show on the site!

On Being Human
is an extremely talented and prolific band that features their video game inspired music via the show, "The Humans Are Coming," on, and they just happen to be one of the most creative bands in regards to translating video game medleys in new and refreshing ways. Their latest medley is based off of a game that seems to not get a lot of love from musicians, but is heavily regarded as one of the most ground-breaking games to ever be released -- I of course am referring to the one... the only... GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64!

Please, enjoy this GoldenEye medley from On Being Human, and be sure to: check out their show on, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to them on YouTube.