Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kubbi - 2012 Singles

It's been awhile since I've talked music on the site, and I wanted to take a moment to look at the newest release from one of my favorite chiptune artists out there right now, Kubbi.

Something needs be said about Kubbi and his undying love for retro games that he displays so brilliantly on his recently released compilation album, 2012 Singles. I generally love musicians that can create a sense of atmospheric ambiance with something as simple as retro gaming bleeps and bloops, and Kubbi delivers exactly the right amount of it -- coupled with a fun polish to every song that makes you believe in this genre of music again.

If you go to his Bandcamp page, you can find downloads for his 2012 Singles album, along with other outstanding albums released by him in a convenient "pay-what-you-want" format. You can also find him on:


Oh, and as an added bonus for downloading the 2012 Singles album, you are presented with the bonus song, "PewPewPew," and the song adds that much more to the already great album. Go and download Kubbi's music already!


Rifle Scott said...

Nice chiptune, like it too!