Saturday, September 15, 2012

Notable Nostalgic Blu-ray Releases Sep. 9 - Sep. 15

Remember that moment when you first heard "My Heart Will Go On" while watching Titanic back in 1997? It's okay guys, they were only bro tears, not real tears. Relive the magic of James Cameron's epic on Blu-ray, as well as a film that I hope some of you are familiar with.

1.) Titanic (1997) | Blu-ray Release Date: September 10th, 2012

A poor artist named Jack Dawson and a high-society young woman named Rose DeWitt Bukater fall in love, until one night, their fairy tale love for one another turns into a struggle for survival on a ship that was thought to be "unsinkable," but is now sinking to the bottom of the North Atlantic.

2.) The Sound and the Fury (1959) | Blu-ray Release Date: September 11th, 2012

This movie follows the lives and passions of the Compsons: a once-proud Southern family now just barely scraping by both financially and emotionally. Howard passes the time in a bottle; his brother Bengy is child in a man's body; sister Caddy has come crawling home after years of being kept by a string of "admirers." Only Jason, the cruel, cold-hearted adopted head of the family, and Quentin, who was abandoned at birth by Caddy, have the fire and the fury needed to put the family back on its feet again.

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