Monday, June 4, 2012

Impostor Nostalgia - Big Giant Circles

So while listening to the talented Ben Landis (, I came across another artist by the name of Big Giant Circles (, which is the brainchild of video game composer Jimmy Hinson, and his debut album, Impostor Nostalgia.

This wonderful album also features remixes (a lot more electronic/dubstep feel to them) by several other video game composers, and I must say, it is a treat to listen to.

The following is from the Big Giant Circles page:

Impostor Nostalgia is the debut album by video game music composer Big Giant Circles. It is a collection of retro inspired electronic-fused chiptune(ish) music featuring the talents of many amazing people from the video game music community, including C418 (Minecraft), Souleye (VVVVVV), Disasterpeace (FEZ), Alex Brandon (Deus Ex), Mick Gordon (Need for Speed Shift), zircon (Monkey Island 2) and many more. A disgrace to true chip artists everywhere, this album tries hard to disguise it's tracks in varying degrees of chiptune elements to varying degrees of success. The important thing is that the music is saturated in the flavors of not only many classic game soundtracks you know and love, but also the more modern edge of electronic music. And most importantly of all, it's fun :]

SimAnt (SNES) Quick Look

This is the first video for my "Quick Look" series. I decided to start off by looking at the 1993 Super Nintendo release of SimAnt because some people know about it, but I think a lot more don't know of its existence. It's a quirky ant simulation game from Maxis (the creators of Sim City/The Sims) and Imagineer.

This is just the intro movie and tutorial, but I hope you guys enjoy this look at SimAnt!