Friday, January 13, 2012

(Chasing Perfection) NBA Jam T.E. Episode Four

As promised, here is my fourth game in my run for perfection in NBA Jam T.E. for the SNES. This time up, I am facing off against Chris Webber, and the Washington Bullets. Do I live to see another game?!


2 comments: said...

Great idea on this youtube series. I love this game, and I too would always try to play these games perfectly. I remember the first time I played NBA Jam in the arcade it was like a dream that game was so good. Then, I got the snes version and you could unlock all the crazy hidden characters (I guess you could do that in the arcade too). Do you remember College Slam? It was like NBA Jam but with the college teams and even simulated players although of course they didn't have their names.

Eric said...

I do remember College Slam! It had that goofy looking box art, so it would be hard to forget it. I'm glad you like the series. We will be posting new episodes once I get all of my equipment to my new place.