Monday, December 26, 2011

Super Mario Bros. World Record!

A new Super Mario Bros. world record has been set by Andrew Gardikis, and verified by Speed Demos Archive at an amazing four minutes and fifty-eight seconds!

The amount of skill involved in the speed run is a beauty to witness; as we're talking about extremely precise jumps, incredible knowledge of the game's hit detection on enemies, and use of the "secret" warp zone found in World 4-2.

There has been a lot of praise already for what Andrew has accomplished, but of course, there are those that are questioning the validity of the run already on YouTube (Negativity on YouTube? No way!). I can't say I blame their skepticism, since his run is probably as close to perfection as you can get in regards to the finishing time.

Well kudos to you anyways, Andrew Gardikis, for I am still in awe of your skill!

You can watch his speed run on YouTube.

[ / Eric Bailey. Be sure to also check out Eric Bailey's website,, and follow him on Twitter @Nintendo_Legend.]